Habitat Homeownership


Am I eligible for a Habitat home?

  • I have lived in Leon or Gadsden County for a year or more.
  • I have had the same job or source of verifiable income for 6 months or more.
  • My current home is extremely overcrowded, in poor condition, or in an unsafe environment.
  • My household income is within the INCOME GUIDELINES.
  • I am willing to make a small cash down payment.
  • I am willing to live on a lot provided by Habitat?
  • I am able and willing to work and contribute 400 “sweat equity hours?”
  • I understand that the Habitat affiliate Board and staff determine the house size and the house location

What are sweat equity hours?

“Sweat Equity” hours are hours worked by the partner family assisting with construction of other Habitat homes, as well as construction of their own home.  “Sweat Equity” hours are also hours worked by the partner family assisting with Big Bend Habitat Administrative duties as deemed appropriate.  Each homeowner must complet 400 “Sweat Equity” hours.  These hours help build each family’s new home and provides a “sweat equity” down payment.

When can I move in?

Families usually move into their homes within a 18 months of being approved by our Board of Directors. This depends on how quickly families can complete their “sweat equity” hours, make a down payment, and begin utility service.

What is expected?

  • Habitat families are expected to reflect the willingness to partner that has made this program successful all over the world.
  • All Habitat families must attend classes on owning and caring for a home.
  • They will also learn budgeting and housekeeping skills.
  • Overall, families are responsible for the upkeep of their homes, including lawn care.

What else do I need to know?

Your employment and credit history will be considered when you apply. Your responsibility doesn’t stop after you move in.  Homeowners are expected to become active members of the Habitat for Humanity Community.

So, Where do I begin?

Visit the local Big Bend Habitat for Humanity office to receive your pre-screening application form, or COMPLETE THE PRE-SCREENING APPLICATION FORM.

Contact our affiliate office at (850) 574-2288 or via email at LindaMalone@bigbendhabitat.org.