3 Sponsorship Types

Volunteers working

Full House Sponsorship

  • You can sponsor a home with a $65,000 donation, and roughly 10-30 volunteers to help build each Saturday during a 12- week build schedule. Full house sponsors also provide food for volunteers on their build days.
  • It may seem overwhelming, but many local groups have accomplished a full house sponsorship, and report that it was much easier than expected.
  • Our trained construction team will assist in all phases of the build, and administrative staff here can help you problem solve as you organize volunteers and prepare.
  • Type “C” businesses can utilize the State of Florida’s Community Contribution Tax Credit and receive, as an incentive, a state sales tax refund or credit of 50% of the appraised value of the home.

House Co-Sponsorship

  • You may decide to recruit another organization (or several) to partner with you on a build. Co-sponsors share the build costs, volunteer labor and meals for the volunteers. Co-sponsorship can be a half house build with two groups or a quarter house build with four groups.
  • Co-sponsoring a home means that you or your group/organization partner with others to accomplish the task of meeting the goals needed to provide a deserving family a safe, decent, and affordable home.
  • If your group is interested in sponsoring a home for a family in need of safe, decent and affordable housing in Leon and Gadsden Counties, please contact the office at 850-574-2288 and we will be happy to coordinate you sponsorship program.

Thank God for Friday’s Sponsorship (TGFF)

You may become one of 12 business sponsors on our TGFF build next fall. This would require a $6,500 contribution, and commitment to recruit 10-25 volunteers for one build day, plus food for one day. You may sponsor more than one day; such as, if you would like to partner with other groups, or have additional volunteers that want to build.

Regardless of what you choose, we know you, and your volunteers, will enjoy the experience with Habitat. It is a tremendous learning experience for people of all skill levels, and gives everyone a hands-on opportunity to contribute to the community and meet the people that they are helping. It is rewarding (and contagious!). We hope you will join us in action this year!

Contact the Habitat office at 850-574-2288 if you’d like to sponsor a home.